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Egypt enters the age of smart buildings, establishing a number of new cities, as well as the expand use of curtain walls with more administrative buildings, educational and health facilities and other buildings over the last few decades, the demand for glass windows and aluminium works increased with the expectation of a steady increase in the size of its market during the last few decades and it’s expected to increase more Over the next few years. Techno frame is one of the major companies in the aluminium market, where our products are based on aluminium works and offer glass windows of all kinds, either in the frame of the curtain walls or without a frame, such as the structural glass walls, as well as the aluminium panels, which are known as the "Cladding". Glass ceilings, vertical and horizontal aluminium beams, as well as stainless steel work. Our Products includes curtain wall, structural glazing, Skylights, sliding &hinged Doors and Windows and Aluminium composite panels in addition to louvers.