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Factory Design


we provide the complete package of contractual administration, designs, detailed drawings procurements, fabrication, quality control, testing, packing, transportation and installation  Stated herein is a selection of some of our major operating equipment, we are using for the fabrication of complete aluminium products.
1.Automatic Double Head-Cutting Machine
This Double Head-Cutting Machine is a full automatic sawing machine which is designed for the strait or angular cutting operations of large size of aluminium profiles materials by means of double head sawing units equipped
with Ø 420 mm of saw blades.
    • Two-hand safety operation
    • Tilting automatically to 90° and 45° in wards for both angles.
Manual adjustment of intermediate angles from 90° to 45° inwards
    • Tilting automatically 90° and 45° inwards both angles
Suitable for series production.
    • Cutting point-to-point dimension of all variation.
    • Multi sectional clamping system.
2.Automatic Saw
High Volume cutting
Microprocessor controlled
Cuts angles up to 45
3.Notching Saw
Enable precise notching & Sake working area.
4.CNC - Cutting & Notching Machine 
for Aluminium & cladding (ACP)
2D Design - Cutting & Notching.
High production of perforated panels.
Multi spindle sizes.
5.Punching Machine
6.Corner crimper
7.End Milling Machine
8.Drilling Machine for Door Hinges
9.Transom Milling Machine
Machine, which works manually, ideal for end milling operations on PVC and aluminium profiles precisely.
High quality end milling operations by means of the manual operation
Safety operations with safety guard
Practical cutter adjustment by means of the gap parts
Fixing the work piece by means of the pneumatic vertical and horizontal clamps
Robust machine stand
End milling profile dim. ( HxW): 90 x 160 mm
Max. saw blade diameter: Ø170 mm
1 x pneumatic vertical clamp
1 x pneumatic horizontal clamp
Air gun
Milling cutter set
Spray tool lubrication system
MKN 100 roller conveyor
10.Assemble Tables
11.Protective film bending Machine
12.Roller Bending Machine (coming Soon)

Factory Equipment Gallery