1. Background

A. Company History

TECHNOFRAME company was established in 2013 and its member of AL Nasiriya group in Saudi Arabia which was established in 2005.

2. Strategy & Vision

A. Vision statement

To be the pioneers in improving the artistic and function of architectural design of buildings in Egypt and Middle East by processing the most advanced machines and enhances our labor skills.

C. Values

Clients ‘trust our first priority , besides working hard to keep the highest quality standards that TECHNOFRAME has been well known of...

E. Growth strategy

TECHNOFRAME will strive to maintain manufacturing technology at the highest rank by processing the most advanced machines and enhance our labor skills with training courses

B. Mission statement

Development, design, manufacturing, fabrication, installation and sale of modern systems for building fronts, curtains walls, partitions, doors, windows and all of their components and parts.

D. Business goals & objectives

To provide our venerable customers with innovative technical solutions and high quality standards of aluminum systems at competitive prices combined without standing customer service to win customers satisfaction.

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